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Communication Channels

Providing a unique and enjoyable shopping experience through the latest communication channels.

Our branches

The wide base of our branches provides many services to improve the health care of our community to be the closest to the Libyan citizen

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Technological Solutions and Services

The medical family pharmacies apply the latest global sales systems and applications that are applicable in the largest international pharmacies chains, which guarantees the speed of sales, the quality of information extracted, and the ease of linking data with service providers and our success partners.

Customer Service Center

The medical family pharmacy work to establish a high-efficiency service center, as well as provide sophisticated sponsorship services to our customers in the different regions of the state, where it will provide high-end care services through advanced trained specialists to provide the best and fastest pharmaceuticals support, improving home delivery performance and dealing better for inquiries and complaints.



The medical Family pharmacy is planning to extend our services of orders to homes through online shopping, where our customers can browse and choose from our products with only a click. They also can order through phone calls, and insurance services are also provided through e-marketing.